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             "A Modern Day Version of the Salem Witch Trials".
             The word "blacklist" is a word that can put terror in a number of individuals. When you think of that term you think of the word "dark" and immediately you receive it as a term you would never want to be a part of. Hollywood in the early 1950's knew this term and it was a definate part in their lives and how they made their decisions. To this day people remember it as an example of a horrible mistake that caused many careers to be unfairly vanquished and tore family and friends apart and after that Hollywood was never the same.
             To truly understand why the blacklist occurred you have to go back in time and understand the era that brought about the troubles. In the early 1930's there was little social moral across the United States. Many were on the street and without proper shelter or food. Public moral in the banks were low as well as the government in general. At the time many joined the communist part because of the decrepit surroundings that they saw in their fellow man. Every day was another day without work to many and people saw salvation in a party that claimed to take care of the fellow man or "comrade." Movies at the time were to provide the public with an alternative with dealing with their everyday life. It was in essence an "escape" from the reality that only depressed them more. Movies such as "The Littlest Rebel" brought joy and made people feel as if they were included in that life and background. Famous Hollywood writers such as Paul Jerrico joined the communist party as well as Jean Butler because they were tired of seeing people on the streets suffering and 800 men going to a job that asked for only three. Most such as Richard Collins wanted socialism in a peaceful manner. But even then people were very secretive about their involvement in the communist party.

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