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Salem Witchcraft

             Arthur Miller's play " The Crucible" dealt with the witchcraft trials of 1692, which took place in Salem, Massachusetts. In Salem people were accused of witchcraft but also they were defenseless against false accusations. This play explored that people could give their fears and superstitions to other people, and when they were succumbed to mass hysteria they often acted unlike themselves and made false accusations. Many innocent and respectable people in the Salem village have sentenced to be hanged without evidence and justification. It showed the cruelty of human beings. Even in McCarthy story, Arthur Miller uses similar plot to convey the reader his own inner beliefs against the false accusations. McCarthy had brought many troubles and started the Great fear in the United State without any evidence. He embarked the idea that communism existed in United State and brought fear into society. He accused people with spectral evidence; he skill fully manipulated people and created turmoil. He was enjoying the chaotic situation he created in society. Mc Carthy accused people and about five hundred people were put onto the blacklist. Many innocent people were harassed and humiliated by Mc Carthy's false accusations. By the time the Great Fear had run its course in society about six hundred colleague's professors had been dismissed and harassed. As mass hysteria permeated through the towns and cities, many people became even more ridiculous and out of control, just like in Salem village. They started accusing each other. The trusties between people were broken and people didn't believe each other. And many business owners did not tolerate people in the blacklist to be workers. People's ignorance made them believe McCarthyism easily and not doubtfully. McCarthyism the Salem witchcraft hysteria thought me that fear, ignorance, and abuse of power can create turmoil. .

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