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Salem Witchcraft Trials

             During the Salem Witchcraft Trials if one person believes something, all the.
             Modern day people learned this in Salem, Massachusetts .
             during the witchcraft trials. Hysteria is a main cause for people losing their .
             reasoning. Sensible people's pleas were ignored because they had been .
             accused of witchcraft. No one wanted to listen to what he/she wanted to say. .
             People were afraid to speak out because he/she was afraid they would be .
             accused too. No one should ever be afraid to speak out what he/she thinks or .
             feels no matter what the consequences are. The AIDS virus gripped .
             Americans with hysteria. The idea of being thoughtless on a matter causes .
             hysteria in any group of people. The pleas of sensible people were ignored .
             for a few different reasons. People in Salem believed that there were witches .
             in Salem, and he/she were not going to think anything different. Once a few .
             people said there were witches, it turned into a huge hysteria of witchcraft. .
             During the witchcraft trials people would give good reasoning why he/she .
             pleaded innocent, but the people of the court would not listen to their pleas .
             of being innocent. If someone pleaded innocent, then they would be hung. .
             If someone pleaded guilty they might have been taken to jail and they would of had to .
             switch to christianity and go to church every Sunday. It would be better to .
             plea guilty than it would to plea innocent. Many people plead guilty just, so .
             they would not be hung. Many intelligent people were just pushed to far, .
             which made them go crazy and lose their reasoning. It did not even really.
             matter what their testimony was. That person was almost always guilty no matter .
             what they said or did. Almost every person just pleaded guilty so they .
             would not be hung. That is why everybody in the Salem village really .
             thought there were witches. Nobody took in consideration that they .
             pleaded guilty so they did not get hung. Someone could be on trial and in just.

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