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Salem witchcraft trials

             I believe sir that you have done only beneficial acts for our stunning town of Salem, Massachusetts, and I am proud to be a resident of this place with you as the governor of our people. Our town is becoming more and more beautiful, and with such a great Governor, and such a great town, Salem must let nothing be in its way to change the greatness of it. Yet this summer much mayhem has happened, people are being accused and killed when they have done nothing wrong. Everyday, people are being indicted for witchcraft. Does it seem rational to you that people are killed for no sensible reason? It should absolutely not, because what is occurring is murder, it is wrong and should be stopped at once. We cannot just go on torturing and killing the innocent, killing women, and killing children, it is not just. .
             Many of the citizens accused of dealing with Satan were denounced by their rivals. This is happening not because it is true, but because people envy one another. Is it fair for a person to get killed because his or her enemy is lying and just wants to get rid of them? It is not right, and this is creating a big circle of deception. I heard a story the other day of a great and generous 71-year-old woman, Rebecca Nurse. Ann Putnam and several other girls testified that Rebecca Nurse" ghost would drift into their rooms at night. Rebecca Nurse is a typical woman has never done anything wrong. Such a great woman, with such a heart should never have been accused. And why did Ann Putnam make accusations against Rebecca Nurse? The reason is that apparently there have been feuds between the two families for two years. This is evidence that people are just accusing whom ever they want punished.
             Has there ever been a trial for an "afflicted" child where there was actual pure evidence that the one being blamed was a witch? No, there has not. The only proof in the trial came from those who testified against the ones being accused.

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