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Salem Witchcraft Trials

            The infamous Salem witchcraft trials took place in a parish town named Salem, Massachusetts in the February of 1962 when the town's minister, Reverend Samuel Parris spotted strange goings on in the nearby woods when he was out for an evening stroll.
             Later that month three women accused of practicing witchcraft were tried and examined by Magistrates Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne. Corwin's home was known as the "Witch House" and it is still standing today serving the modern day town as a popular tourist attraction.
             Abigail Williams, niece of the minister spent many a day as witness to the court by blaming innocent girls in the town as witches to avoid being hanged. In total Abigail was able to "help" convict a total of 24 people of witchcraft by faking spells and curses that these women had supposedly cast upon her soul. Out of the 24 that were convicted 19 were hanged on the nearby Gallows Hill, the other 5 died in prison awaiting their punishment.
             Giles Corey, the minister from a nearby town was also tried of witchcraft because of his range of knowledge on Satan and evil, and at first pleaded not guilty to any charges of witchcraft, but later refused to stand trial. This refusal meant that legally he could not be convicted of any charge but his examiners chose to subject him to interrogation by placing stone weights on his body. Giles survived this brutal torture for two whole days but then died on the third.
             The following is a list of all the people that were executed during the Salem Witchcraft Trials;.
             • Bridget Bishop.
             • Sarah Good.
             • Elizabeth How.
             • Susannah Martin.
             • Rebecca Nurse.
             • Sarah Wilds.
             • Rev. George Burrough.
             • Martha Carrier.
             • George Jacobs.
             • John Procter.
             • John Willard.
             • Martha Cory.
             • Mary Esty.
             • Alice Parker.
             • Mary Parker.

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