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Salem Witchcraft Trials

             In 1692, the witchhunt was the event that took place during a difficult and confusing period for Salem Village, however the social tensions in colonial help the witchhunt motivated. In fact, political, economic, religious, geography, and social show in social tensions.
             The social tensions motivate the witchhunt show in political issues as a person approaching other about the devil came to him or her. Some innocent people may have to confess of being witches since if a person insist his or her innocent most likely to be hanged. However, as in document K, there were twenty-nine villagers who publicly showed their skepticism about the trials or came to defense of one or more of the accused witches. In fact, the government also refused about the witchcraft since his wife also being accused. On the other hand, the chart in document A show social tension because it speculate the economy of Pro-Parris and Anti-Parris of Salem Village. Also life in 1692 was compounded in the locale by a conflict of values between a community tooted the subsistence farm economy and thriving part of Salem proper.
             The Villagers were divided over many issue including property, boundaries and land ownership with their church and minister. In the meantime, the map of Salem village shows that there are alot of accussers more than accused witches, besides there aren't many defenders either. Specifically, by the time the storm subsided in October, serveral hundred persons had been accused of witchcraft, about 150 of them formally changed and imprisoned and nineteen excuted. Therefore, geography show social tensions motivate witchhunt. Yet in document H shows that religious is also effect social tensions as, "Puritans who considered the devil their pariticular, personal, enemy; since their religion was the true one, it was the one satan was not anxious to destroy." The Puritans culture was unrestrained belief in witchcrafte and continuely to get rid of witchhunt.

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