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A Pro-Choice Argument Against Gilbert Meilander

            For the past decade the subject of abortion has been a hot topic for debate worldwide. It has quickly joined the ranks of race and war as one of the most debated controversial subjects, however, it is very clear that an agreement will never occur. When the issues of human emotion, morality and law are all thrown together and a solid decision is to be made disagreements and even violence abound. All because someone decided to make abortion not simply a matter of choice, but a matter of morals which has led to a massive debate over a subject that should never have been questioned in the first place. An anonymous author of an online pro-choice article states that "every woman in America has the right to decide what to do with their bodies. No government or group of people should feel that they have the right to dictate to a person what path their life should take." .
             Still, there are two sides to every argument and Gilbert Meilander holds a strong position using Catholic morality and moral thought as his defense. Arguing emotion and basic human rights against Religious ethics is a tough battle simply for the reason that its tough to argue and reason with the word of God as interpreted by a religious scholar. In addition, it appears that compared to the argument of whether or not abortion should be a woman's choice Meilander's own writing seems to be a decidedly biased, close-minded view of a major societal issue.
             Meilander's writing centers around "two essential elements at the core of the traditional Catholic view," those being (1) An affirmation of the equal rights of every human life to protection; and (2) Justification of indirect killing in some (but not all) cases where life conflicts with equal life. He also feels that Catholic moral thought does at times conflict with our most basic human intuitions "and seems to consider insufficiently the fact that the "nature" we know is disordered and cannot be equated with "creation" as it comes from the hand of the Creator.

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