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Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

            There are many ways that using performance enhancing drugs in sports that can affect your life and everyone else's around you. Have you ever considered what your fans would think if they ever found out you were using enhancement drugs? What about your parents, wife, children and team? Have you ever thought about the physical, emotional or overall mental health risks that using performance enhancing drugs can cause? In life there are many factors to consider when faced with the option of using drugs to enhance your athletic capabilities. Is the game the addiction or the drug? .
             Is it worth it? From my personal experience, no, it is not worth it. One of the very most important things to consider when using performance enhancing drugs are the health risks. There are many more downs than ups with the use .
             of drugs. Consider the effects enhancement drugs have on your mind and body. There are several physical problems than can come from use of performance enhancing drugs. As stated in an article; "Use of supplements has been associated with high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, seizure, and sudden death" (Richard Buchanon, 2005, .
             paragraph 13). .
             When using certain drugs in sports such as pain killers, you could do extensive damage to your muscles and costing your career. How about the physical damage you could cause to another person? Results of using anabolic steroids could be just as physically damaging to an opponent; due to increased strength of the user. In addition to the physical strength, the mental anguish that occurs from chemical imbalance in the body just adds the damaging possibilities to the opposing players. There are many other physical factors to take into consideration before choosing illegal enhancement drugs. There are many enticing factors to athletes of enhancement drugs. .
             Most athletes use enhancement drugs for the physical enhancement.

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