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Sports and Performance Enhancing Drugs

            Is it acceptable to take credit for talent that isn't yours? Chafet argues that the use of enhancement drugs among professional sports players is acceptable. Many baseball players use these performance enhancer drugs for various reasons. It is never okay for these professional players to utilize performance enhancements. Chafet also argues that enhancers are not harmful to the game. When in reality it is not only cheating, it is also wrong. There are many baseball players out there that are talented that don't use enhancements. It seems as if all the players that use enhancement drugs get the spot light, for example "this weeks report that Sammy Sosa tested positive for performance enhancement drugsthe latest in a long string of revelations." (Chafets, 253). Barry Bonds, Rodger Clemens, A. Rod, Many Ramirez, Mark McGuire, all of these players have been accused or linked to enhancers. Yet, we applaud these players and hear about how many RBI's and home runs they've hit this season. These players have cheated and taken away from the game. It's not always about winning or being the best, America just wants to watch the beloved game of baseball played fairly. .
             Second, people and teens look up to these players. Many young males idolize players in the league and model after them. What is this teaching todays youth? It is teaching them that it is acceptable to use illegal drugs. Whether its enhancements, marijuana, or cocaine which have been linked to certain players. As long as they see and hear about these players doing it they will too. These players need to be punished and the drug use needs to put to an end. It presents bad habits to youth, and is setting bad examples. The opposing side may say that enhancing drugs are acceptable for athletes to use because they "help them perform better, heal faster, or relax during a long stressful season" (Chafets, 253). This may be true, but it does not validate the illegal use of drugs.

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