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Performance Enhancing Sporting Drugs

            Performance enhancing drugs in the international circuit are currently banned by the International Olympic Committee who try to prevent the use of them in competitive and recreational sport. However, not all athletes are tested for taking high performance enhancing drugs and many athletes feel extremely unhappy, confused and disadvantaged due to this. I believe that drugs should continue to be banned because it helps enforce fair competition, protect the health of the athletes and will continue to have a positive effect on Australian society and world sports. In this essay, I will justify why performance-enhancing drugs should continue to be banned in sport because of their negative influences, and also I will talk about the consequences of their illegal use to the athlete and world competition within the sporting fraternity.
             Performance-enhancing drugs are banned in sport to ensure a fair competition to all athletes. It wouldn't be fair if an athlete who had worked extremely hard to reach his natural performance and was then cheated on by a competitor who was diagnosed later as using drugs to enhance his sporting ability. Imagine coming in second place to a drugged enhanced athlete, who.
             stole the glory from you at your given moment! I imagine it would be a whole mixture of emotion for everyone concerned - frustration, annoyance, anger, shame, aggression - a whole bunch of negative emotions that go against fair competition.
             In Australia, it is encouraged that everyone should achieve the very best that they can naturally achieve by hard work, eating properly and sensible training. This provides the foundation for fair play, enjoyment, personal satisfaction, and admiration from the younger people of Australia who are encouraged to look up to our sporting heroes and possibly follow in their footsteps.
             It has become knowledge that drugs do have adverse effect on health. Athletes who consume performance enhancing drugs may receive a sudden temporary boost, but medicine shows that these drugs dramatically alter and effect that athlete, and often irreversible damage has been done, both to the brain as well as the body.

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