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Drugs in Sport

             If a athlete at any level takes a drug to enhance there performance in any way its known as doping. The word dope came about from the South African tribes who used to take a primitive alcoholic drink before there dancing ceremonies. The term doping ended up spreading from just the South African tribes to the world. The word doping became a world wide know word and became in reference with sport. Today doping is a known word that means a athlete that uses a drug or other method to enhance there performance. .
             One of the most earliest forms of doping in sport is by the Greeks 800BC. In this era the Greeks used sport to set social status, being a good athlete in 800BC was like being a movie star you would earn you self royalties such as food, a home, less tax and exemptions from the army. This meant that most Greeks would kill to be a great athlete, and with this they would also do or take any substance that they thought would help them achieve athlete status, they would even take extracts of mushrooms and even some plant seeds. .
             Why is Drugs in Sport such a big issue?.
             Why is drugs in sports a serious issue? I feel the reason why drugs in sport is such a big issue is because if a athlete takes a banned drug and wins there event or race they have simply cheated there way to 1st place, not only have they cheated and won but they have also stolen the pride and glory and hard work that the person that came in second place. Obviously if a athlete is taking a banned substance its banned for a reason so taking a banned substance is not just morally wrong but its also unfair to the rest of the competition. If taking a banned substances was allowed to be taken and any athlete could do this and still compete in any sport the end result would be the team or athlete that has taken the best and most drugs would have the biggest advantage over the rest of the field there fore increasing the chances of winning, also if drugs were allowed to be taken by athletes and they could compete then they would all be just getting bigger stronger and fast there fore they would be taking sports to a higher level.

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