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Drugs in Sport

             Every four years as the Olympics begin, we hear about athletes using or being tested for performance-enhancing drugs. Sometimes when an athlete has performed very well in a competition in the Olympics for example then the question is raised. Is the athlete on drugs? Well for people to know they have to test the athlete for any signs of usage of performance-enhancing drugs. .
             The use of artificial substances or methods to enhance athletic performance is also commonly known as "Doping". Doping has become a great concern in the United States that a Anti-Doping Agentcy has been formed. The agency in the United States are called The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). USADA is commited to eliminating the usage of performance-enhancing drugs in sport. .
             Theres one question that might interest many. Why do athlete's use performance-enhancing drugs? Well all athlete's face a great deal of presure in competition. All athletes also know that winning can get them more than just a gold medal. Star athletes can earn a great deal of money and fame and what presures them the most is that they do not have much time to perform there best as everyone does get old. Athletes know that there best way to victory is to practice as much as they can but many athletes hear about performance-enhancing drugs that give them a boost and are a shortcut to performing at there best and even risk there health and there sporting career. .
             As far back as ancient Greece, athletes have often been willing to take any preparation that would improve their performance but it seems that drug use increased in the 1960s. One recognized incident happened at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 when sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for anabolic steroids and lost his gold medal. Some athletes may also sometimes even misuse the drugs like for example use them for relaxation, cope with stress or to boost there confidence.
             Athletes may have several reasons for using performance-enhancing drugs.

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