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Legalities of Performance Enhancing Drugs

            The Legalities of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports.
             Though there exist numerous positive aspects and elements to sports, like everything there exists negative aspects as well. Unfortunately we are at a stage in the development of sports where athletes are turning to non-conventional methods to boost their athletic sporting ability. The use of different performance enhancing drugs has plagued the sports world and every couple of months high profile athletes in all different sports are brought up and charged on allegations of performance enhancing drug use. This form of cheating and setting an unfair advantage is a highly contested issue in the sports world. This paper will delve into and discuss how this phenomenon developed and the history behind performance enhancing drugs use, as well as shed light on the different types of drugs that are now in circulation. Further, the paper will also discuss and evaluate the different laws that sports governing organizations have put in place to try and put an end to drug use, including the consequences athletes may face for breaking these laws. Moreover, I will give my opinion of the moral and ethical issues that are brought up with this problem. Lastly, I will use the case of Lance Armstrong as a relevant modern day example of the consequences and impacts performance can have on an athlete and their reputation. .
             History of Performance Enhancing Drugs:.
             Contrary to common belief, the use and integration of performing enhancing drugs in sports is not a modern phenomenon. The first evidence of athlete's use of drugs to improve their sporting performance in completion dates back to around 700 BC. There is sufficient evidence proving that the ancient Greeks used to try different methods prior to athletic completion and the original Olympics in an attempt to boost their athletic endurance. In fact, the origin of the word 'doping' is attributed to the Dutch word 'doop,' which is a viscous opium juice, the drug of choice of the ancient Greeks.

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