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History of australian sport

             1788 -1839 the first settlers arrived in Australia. It was a new beginning for them with some of them being convicts. Although in the early days the tough and brutal lifestyle meant survival of the fittest, the British heritage influenced and determined the types of pastimes and sports followed by Australia's first immigrants.
             With the vast open spaces and good weather Australia is an ideal country for sport. In 1834 bathing and formal facilities opened sporting events reflected the population growth and the diverse nature of Australia. The type of weather in your country is the type of sport you play. For example if there are snowy mountains in your country you will ski, you won't play tennis. Australian has warm weather and so the Australian people play warm weathered sports. .
             Discovery of Gold.
             With the discovery of Gold the population increased threefold and by 1851 there were over one million people in Australia. People came in search of gold from all over, America, China and also from the European countries with the hope of finding riches to improve their lives.
             The World Wars.
             In 1914 Australia was at war and many lives were lost. Sport continued as before but with lower attendance. By 1916 the interstate competitions were abandoned and it wasn't until 1920 with the end of World War I that Australian sport returned to normal. With the men at war women developed their own sports teams and even competed for money In 1928 Women first competed.
             1929 saw the start of the great depression and the Wall Street stock market collapse. Unemployment was a problem for all western countries with some sports through gambling providing hope and income. Pharlap was winning all the horse races and carried the hopes of Australians. Don Bradman the great cricketer was a role model for Australian sportsman and also made cricket the popular game it is today.
             War World II had an effect on sport and life in general everywhere, thirty thousand Australian lives were lost.

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