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Crime Prevention in Australia

            This research exercise will be examining a case study which involves Indigenous individuals getting shoot in King Cross area of Sydney and also this research will be highlighting how this situation could have been prevented through the practice of preventative strategies. This accident occurred on Saturday, 21st April 2012, at early morning around 4am in busy street of king cross and the victim came across in stolen car and his age was just 14 years old. The teenager was aboriginal, in past he had many conviction and a lot of problem in police history data base since age of 8. He tried to escape the moment from police but failed and police chased him, he also drove his stolen car into public footpath then back into street where collided with a taxi. After collided with taxi police officer took matter into his hand and fired multiple shoots into his vehicle and realising that there were five more passenger inside the car in that moment. The teenager was shooting multiple times and he was also punched while in the ground while he was dragged for couple of meter.
             The philosophy of community policing originally started in early 1980's where community policing had been hailed by many police organisations around the globe for its major pattern shift from professional policing. The purpose of implementing community policing is to increase the communication between police and community Williamson (2008). In its place police should be responding to simple calls such as crime, community policing elucidates effective methods in maintaining public orders, and also creating greater relationship with community. This form of preventive strategies offers finest motivation to police to cooperate with community on consistent foundation in order to create better understanding of each other Mouzos, j & Makkai T. (2004).
             According to Fleming & O'Reilly (2007: 214) Australia for past 24 years in vary report has insisted that Australian police have been promoting community policing as their vital activity.

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