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Models, Photoshop and Reality

            On the television shows' commercials, magazines, billboards, and other forms of advertisements, the models are different than what you see walking on the sidewalk, driving in the car next to yours, and sitting in class with you. The models do not look average, or ordinary. This is because the models have a Hollywood or ideal beauty to them, meaning that their beauty is forged from Photoshopping, plastic surgery, makeup, and/or eating disorders. Hollywood, or ideal beauty, is the beauty that the celebrities and models have believed to be beautiful – through plastic surgery, diets, etc. – but is not naturally possible. These idealized models and celebrities are not considered average among the American population, because the average person cannot relate to the models and celebrities due to their appearance from surgeries and extreme diets. Also, advertisement in the United States is not regulated as strongly as it could be, which leads advertisement companies to mislead the customer by altering the image displayed.
             Numerous models alter their appearance through extreme dieting in order to meet the advertisement companies' expectations. Unfortunately, this often leads to anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. Yet, the advertisement companies keep the models thin and keep getting thinner. As quoted in the article, "A Call for Truth in the Fashion Pages" by Ashley O'Neil, "The beauty and fashion industries sell consumers, mostly women, products to make them thinner, younger, and more attractive. Claims in beauty and fashion advertisements about product effectiveness have become more extravagant, while, at the same time, the models used in these advertisements have become slimmer" (2).
             The advertisement company should improve on its advertising tactics, rather than slimming the waist size of the models. As the models' waist size goes down, the average American waist size goes up.

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