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How Media Culture is Harmful to Society

            The media culture has for long exploited the vulnerability of the modern young people to its ideal that is ethically and professionally harmful to society. The media qualitative exploits on qualitative and quantitative techniques in its methodology to explore the impacts on the target audience. A majority of the young people has absorbed the ideas of the sexist media that are in most cases exaggerated and unattainable. This has led most young people astray leading them to resort to cosmetic surgeries, surgical makeovers, and extremist dieting. This has led to devastating effects like increase in psychological disorders, anorexia and malnutrition all in the name of attaining the media's definition of an ideal shape and beauty. These media activities have created trends in the teenagers as well as the female population, in general, which can be qualified as a cult of modernity. From this, I can remark that the media has impacted negatively on sexism and beauty and is misleading the teenage population.
             The triumph of modern marketing mechanism whereby the media is an integral aspect of commercial advertisements the illusion falls on the general population with great impact. Prominent TV companies like MTV and Benetton have figured out how to utilize mass created, and mass advertised models to offer distinctive items. The Fashion advertising is deliberately altered to corrupt the minds of the people both in character and personality. The majority of the teenage girls will sit there and look at the enhanced with Photoshop excellence longing for the thighs and thin hips however neglects to understand that the picture before strength not be genuine (Rauste, 1989). The advertisers have deliberately and intentionally altered the images in order to stimulate a desire. It is the aim of the media to project certain desirable traits as real in order to achieve success in their marketing campaigns.

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