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Self-Esteem and Body Image

             There is a growing amount of evidence-based research that proves that body disturbance issues are on the rise. The cultural ideals of beauty and body image encourage individuals to conform to the many pressures that exist to be thin. The cultural framework suggested that culture and society explain why so many young children are concerned about their appearance. These ideals have negatively influenced many young girls. In fact, the dissatisfaction of body disturbances has led to unwanted and unintended health conditions. Health conditions include depression, low self esteem, social isolation, and eating disturbances. Individuals who accept the cultural ideals compare themselves to individuals like thin models in the fashion industry, celebrities in the media, and others whom they consider to have perfect bodies. Unfortunately, all of these things have a significant impact on how young girls perceive themselves.
             Young girls who feel negatively about themselves are attempting to reach unrealistic beauty images because society does not celebrate diversity regarding body images. Instead, it continues to encourage unattainable images of what society thinks is ideal. Therefore, it is not surprise that girls as young as five and six are concerned about their bodies. Body dissatisfactions affect children differently than others. Research suggested that young girls are affected physiologically, socially and psychologically. The pressures to be thin surround young girls; these unwanted pressures often come from friends and family. Many researchers suggested that parents' who experience body image issues influence their children; parents' are also considered the primary role models of their children. .
             SELF ESTEEM.
             Researchers have noted that body disturbances lead to the onset of poor confidence. .
             EATING DISORDERS.
             Many children with body image disturbances suffer from eating disorders. These children often experience low self-esteem and self confidence.

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