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Body Image

            Having a great body is one of the things that everyone dreams of.
             Nowadays, body image has become an important part of our life. Everyone is .
             dying to get the perfect figure and they would do just about anything to .
             achieve it. For men, the perfect figure is having a bigger and muscular body, .
             while women want to be slim and tall. The causes that drive these people to .
             attain beautiful bodies are the media stereotypes, suffering from low self-.
             esteem and peer pressure. This essay will also outline the effects of .
             obtaining the perfect physique which include eating disorders, drug abuse .
             and medical problems.
             The main cause that encourages young people to seek beautiful .
             bodies is the media stereotypes (Healey, 1999). In these times, magazines, .
             television, newspapers and advertisements are the types of media that can .
             affect their way of thinking because these young males and females are .
             prone to be influenced easily. For example, when they see celebrities .
             dressed beautifully on television, they will want to follow these famous .
             people so they can boost their body image. This is not a good example for .
             young people because they tend to compare their own body to their idols.
             Another cause that drives these young people to achieve the .
             perfect figure is poor self-esteem (Healey, 1999). They suffer from lack of .
             self-esteem because they are less sure of their identity and feel that they .
             have less self-worth. Most of these young people tend to over-estimate .
             their body size and profess that they are overweight (Healey, 1999). For .
             example, many teenage girls think that they are fat, but the fact is, they .
             are underweight.
             Besides media stereotyping and lack of self-esteem, the other cause .
             that provokes the younger generation to achieve the perfect physique is .
             peer pressure (Healey, 1999). Usually, friends are connected with peer .
             pressure, but in this case, even society puts pressure on the younger .

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