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Media and Body Image

            Jules Carlysle, a famous author, once said We are so cleverly manipulated and influenced by the media and establishments on both the right and left, that the truth has become hopelessly lost in semantics. In todays society, the media has changed how women view their bodies. They have become almost fake in the hands of media, as each day women all over the world die from disorders and negative ways of thinking as a result of how the media has ingrained in women that there is only one way to look beautiful. There has been numerous effects on todays woman; with an increase of pressure for women to submit to this perfect mold, woman have decided that there is only one way to look beautiful, and that is the way that they see advertised in magazines, television, etc. They have resorted to eating disorders as a way to get skiner to look like the perfect woman they see posted all over media. Another effect from media is that body dissatisfaction has began to appear because woman see themselves as fat or ugly. It has also become aware that depression in women has increased because of the way media has portrayed these girls. Media has taken a huge toll on women all over the world and because of this women pick out little things about their bodies, for example, a blemish or their weight, when in fact there is nothing wrong with their bodies at all.
             Media has left women to think there is only one perfect look when in fact everyone is perfect in their own way. They have warped the minds of women, and made them think that if they dont have bleach blond hair and a six pack of abs then theyre not beautiful. The media has posted a million advertisements all over television, billboards, magazines, etc. All the women they show off to be perfect are stick thin and look like they weigh about 90 pounds. Which in reality, is not healthy. They make women believe that all these perfect girls are size zero and have the clearest face anyone has ever seen.

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