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The Media

            Media is a basic necessity in today's life. While there are many types of media, they all serve one purpose: to inform, persuade or entertain. There are three types of media that or widely available for a relatively cheap price: newspapers, television and the Internet. They all provide the same information, the same entertainment and implement the same persuasion techniques. However, they deliver in different ways. The delivery is what makes people choose one type over the other. Many people are willing to pay more if they like the way the media is presented. Hence, the sellers of any type of media will try to make it easy to read and view to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Whenever an enhancement is made, types of media called advertisements tell or show you the enhancements. These try to persuade others that their product is better. Most types of media are to provide entertainment or information and often try to persuade us to take a certain type of action.
             Newspapers were the first main types of media. They were unpopular at first, but interest grew quickly. Multiple newspaper companies were soon founded and gave the people a choice between several bits of news or entertainment. Now, newspapers are very common, but everyone has an opinion of which is the best for them to read, if the choose to read them. The main newspapers in Toronto that appear to be the most common are: The Toronto Star, The globe, The National Post and The Toronto Sun. While these may be the most popular ones, there are many more that are often forgotten. There are also newspapers for specific communities that only report on events that effect that area and population. One of these types of newspapers is called "Le Courrier". Le Courrier began as a local newspaper for Pubnico, a town in Nova Scotia, then spread to the rest of Nova Scotia then to other places in Canada. Although these local newspapers get sent out to places other then local areas, their production usually stays in its original area.

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