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The Electronic and Digital Media Industry

            Technology has played a vital role in the way that media is presented throughout the world today. The evolution of the media has really been a thing of beauty to watch. Before we were even born, the media was being used to distribute information throughout the world. This media that was used doing those times was called print media. As the years have gone by, this form of media has slowly declined because of the technological advancements that have occurred over the years. Technology has advanced so much that there are so many forms of media now. Print media is still around, but it is not used as much now that it was in the past. .
             The Evolution of Photography.
             The advancements of so many other technologies have really helped the advancements of electronic and digital media. The advancements of photography was one the really big technological wonders of the world. In the last 20 years there have been tremendous advances in technology and digital photography is one of the most popular advances. The advancement with photography has opened a lot of doors for digital media. Today with the capabilities of digital media, photos can be taken and sent digitally through the internet and so forth. You can edit these types of digital photos with the various types of software that has been developed over the years. You can take your photo using a digital camera, transfer it to your computer via a USB cord or other means, view your picture, make edits with editing software; remove red eye, lose a few years, etc. and then upload your photo to your social networking page or your email and it is instantly visible. This has really been a technological advancement.
             Digital Technologies.
             Digital technology has evolved so much the past 50 years or so. With the inventions of computers and the internet, information has been placed right at the hands and feet of anyone using these resources. When digital technology first started, it was used as a way of storing basic strings of information, such as numerical combinations.

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