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            The media has the freedom and has also to answer for enjoying it. Media has an obligation not to harm the welfare of the society. It is the communicator that has to inform and not to misinform or mislead. It has to educate, entertain and motivate. Media plays the role of a channel that connects the reality with the people that live in this reality. Is it correct to say that we ourselves create the reality? Then it is fair to say that we get the media we deserve, as the media becomes a mirror of the actual events. But what if there is some kind of channel noise that takes place? It is possible that someone can use media for his/her own interest, making harm to others? We will consider these questions and will talk about the media phenomenon as whole. .
             So the media's role is to provide the agenda of the day's happenings--the news most important and most relevant to the people, its importance and backgrounds. Not only does media have to chronicle the past, but also the present and future. It tries to grasp future and show us what it is expected to be. But is the future dependent on our expectations or someone can make us expect the future the media describes? I think it has its impotence to the point where it makes us fear. If it does, then it can manipulate the society, its values and desires. Lets consider some kinds of media we have. .
             As it was mentioned, Media's role is to try to reflect reality, not somebody's self-image. And thus the media must be independent. "But we are, because the media are, in effect, agents for the public in trying to provide that fair reflection of reality in seeking out and providing information on what's happening, where, when and why. We report what is said, we provide some context and we may occasionally note where some leaders are economizing on truth as happens all too often." (Croteau D., Hoynes W., 1997).
             It does not matter whether you read about what's happening in the newspapers, hear it on radio or see it on television, media like journalism is basically how members of a modern democratic society keep in touch.

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