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The Role of the media

             During the presidential primary campaigns, it is the media's job to gather all the information they can on a candidate or any kind of information that can make news. This cartoon depicts how the media works during a primary election on in just about any important political affair. The media is very powerful, they can either help a candidate by giving them an image boost or it can be the other way around. The Mass Media has control over what becomes news and for how long. The media can reach to large groups of people and eventually swaying the opinions of potential voters.
             The media is a powerful tool that can be used to an advantage by the candidate. Information is presented through various media and the public can generally choose to read, listen, view or disregard the material offered. No other nation has brought the press so close to the president or candidates. The media keeps close coverage in the candidate's actions. Media exposure of one sort or another determines which candidates will be able to reach the most potential voters, which will be selected by the major political parties, and, to a significant extent, which will eventually lead them to be elected President of the United States. The media can also have an opposite effect to a candidate like depicted on the cartoon. Clinton got picked on by the media, everything that he did that was bad in the past was picked up by the press. .
             The media has ways they can get information about anyone and they can make it into news it they wanted to. The media is the gate-keepers of all of the information and they have the decision to release any information they want about a candidate. The primary presidential campaigns can are very competitive so the media plays a big role of deciding what goes on to being news to the public. If it is something that the public wants to hear then the candidate would benefit from it. .
             The effects of media on politics are not really obvious.

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