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Evolution of Child Behavior

            Studies have found that children's behavior has changed over the years and is getting worse every day. Many devices such as social media, television and video games are a general cause of this poor behavior. These TV shows, video games and websites continuously mold children's minds into thinking that what they see on those screens are real life. It seems as though children have developed violent characteristics and are not being raised with the proper morals and manners that they should have. Parents today do not seem to be as strict as they used to be over the last 20 years. The stats from the 1980s to now have substantially changed, proving this theory to be true. .
             For example, there are three times as many children with behavioral problems today than there was 20 years ago (BBC News, June 2000) A lot of these children today are growing up in unstable, dysfunctional homes, causing some of these problems. Teen pregnancy has also increased in the last decade and most of these teen parents probably do not have time for their children like they should. Neglect and possibly growing up with the bare minimum necessities can have an enormous effect on children at a young age. When children get older and start to exhibit wild and or/violent behavior, it seems as though many parents today turn to medicine. Statistics show that in 1979, 6.8% of 4 to 15 year olds identified as having behavioral problems; by 1999, that percentage had risen to 18.7%.
             Furthermore, the internet and social media has become one of the main ways to communicate and socialize in this century. Yes, there are benefits in using this technology. For example, children may pick up different communication skills, technical skills and even social skills. However, allowing young children to use social media can get very risky. Cyberbullying, sexting and privacy can all become problems. Children are exposed to sex cites and there are many predators online.

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