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The Impact of the Internet

            We know that the WWW and Internet have had a tremendous effect on our lives, the.
             As professionals in the field of technology, we are.
             constantly seeing areas of society that are being changed, exonerated or improved in some .
             way as a result of it. Currently at forefront are the areas of the print media, social media and healthcare information media. This paper concentrates on these areas where technology continues to leave its mark.
             Today, January 31, 2012, the U.S. Post Office issued the long awaited postage stamp to honor Johnson Publishing Company mogul, John H. Johnson. Mr. Johnson used the services of the USPO to deliver his print media to subscribers of renowned magazines, Ebony and Jet, from the onset in 1942 throughout the years he managed this successful business until his death. John Johnson's magazines broke cultural ground, but its deliverance had to endure the tremendous expense of postage like many other publications. The same form of postage ironically increased a week before the issuance of the heritage stamp that honors Mr. Johnson. Its current increase that went into effect on January 22, 2012 is 2.1% according to what we have heard on local television news. Before the technological surge, hair salons, doctor's offices and other public places could be counted on as venues for the heavy distribution of the magazines. .
             These service establishments get a lot of foot traffic by visitors killing time while waiting for their appointments. To flip through the pages of a magazine or newspaper while catching up on various items of interest well serves the purpose. That was before the invention of technology. Now the print media is fighting to keep afloat, "it must first survive, and that's no easy task as print magazines wallow in the gloomy shadows of their glitzier cyber and tablet competitors " which is a reflection of a struggling print media market overall. (Medill Reports--Chicago, 2011).

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