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            No conversation about the technological advancements of the last ten years could be had without including the phenomenon that is the Internet. The Internet, encompassing the World Wide Web, has reshaped the ways of communication and information sharing and plays a major role in most peoples day-to-day lives. Recently though, there have been some undesirable aspects of the Internet coming to the forefront, and these are a common concern for most users. Such issues involve connection speeds and costs, security, online content and the lack of filtering and monitoring and the use of advertising funded Internet sites and may help to explain the changes occurring in the internet environment in the last five years. Before delving into these changes, a brief look at how the Internet has developed might be beneficial. .
             The Internet, although not as we know it, was first created in the early 1960's by a US Government funded initiative. The idea was to create a network that was independent and did not require the services of a central computer to control the operations of that network. In addition to this, the network had to be able to still operate, even if parts of it were destroyed. Originally the application of this network would be to transfer information quickly and securely to all parts of the network in the event of nuclear war erupting. It wasn't too long before other uses for this network became apparent, and in the early 1970's, email took its first trembling steps. Before long, companies too began to utilise the technology and within years were building their own internal networks. With such information available online it wasn't long before the emergence of the World Wide Web occurred. Two factors played a key role in this development. Hypertext and Graphic Interfaces were soon in circulation and as such, information was becoming more and more accessible and was beginning to resemble what we today know as the World Wide Web.

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