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Vacation Nightmare

            The numerous colors of light piercing through out the curtains awaken me from my death like state. Once again I am allowed to cheat death. I think to myself. Looking over at the clock, it reads 6:00 am my mind still foggy and unable to absorb that today is September 7, 2000. My family and I have prepared for this day for over a year, our first cruise for seven days, and six nights. The family vacation ship is at the Houston port on the Norwegian Cruise Line destination the Caribbean.
             Like a drill sergeant proficient at her job my mother interrogates us making sure we have passports, money, clothes packed, gear and my diving bags. Like a polished machine my father loads the vehicles. Like a jig saw puzzles he finds the right place for every piece of luggage. Filling up the back of the vans and even fasten luggage on top of the vehicle, it is now time to disappear a rushing might wind. The ship leaves at 1:00 pm but check in is 12:00pm. Flying down the high way with grace and ease my mother pilots the van like she is born to do this very task. After fours hours of travel, we make it to Houston. Locating the port was next. Driving for an hour we reached our finial destination. .
             With my heart beating like the drums of a marching band, I see the enormous vessel with flags soaring above her. This is going to be my home for the next seven days. We board the Norwegian ship and located our cabins. The cabins feature three beds, shower, 13' TV and small desk area. A knock on the door it is my brother "you going to stay in the cabin all day Darlene, it's time for exploring the ship- repeating over the sound of the horns blowing. The horns are coming from the three tug boats pulling the Norwegian to sea. Excited about the little tug boats, snapping shutters of groups of novice photographer's and people looking with ah!.
             Our first night in open water, the weather service calls for heavy rain, and the increased force of waves hitting the ship.

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