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Vanilla Sky

            I chose the movie Vanilla Sky because I personally feel it is the best representation of what the average person goes through emotionally in life, through highs and lows of life. In the beginning of the movie David, the main character has the life that most people dream of. He is in his prime and living life to the absolute fullest. His father was a well respected and rich man who owned the TV Digest magazine company. He was killed in a car crash with his wife and left everything to his son, David, including more than half of the ownership of his company. .
             With this, he leads the life of a hedonist with parties, vacations, beautiful women, and any other luxury of life that he desires. At this current moment of time, he is having sexual relations with a woman of the name Julie. He has a casual perspective on the whole situation and doesn't seem to show true interest or respect for her. Julie, on the other hand, falls hard and becomes somewhat obsessed with him. He throws another extravagant party for his birthday and she actually shows up uninvited. In return for her annoying presence he is delighted by his best friend's date, Sophia. His eyes are glued to her as soon as she enters the room and he becomes completely infatuated with her within their first conversation. Julie, sees their connection and it drives her crazy, literally. They become unaware of Julie's resentment and go off together into another part of his house where they learn more about one another and that they like each other even more than they would have expected. He shows her a Monet painting of the vanilla sky and tells her this was his mother's favorite. This meaningful event is revealed at the end. .
             After their time at the party, their connection led them to Sophia's apartment where he truly falls in love with her. As he is walking to his car in the morning, Julie drives up. He questions if she is stalking him, but with her charm and his sympathy for her he accepts her invitation to get in her car and go for a ride.

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