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Lost Soul

             It was a sunny and windy day in late September with the prime traces of autumn beginning to pull the bright colored leaves from the trees. As I traveled in my car, heading to a mall, I could find myself thinking about life and how beautiful it is. Could it be more beautiful? Anything is possible and has the potential of being or doing something better. While driving, I"d passed Muslims, homeless people, and the everyday nature of this remarkable world. A couple of miles away from the mall-- I parked my automobile at a gas station and began to walk. My nervous system wanted to challenge the close encounters of the surrounding atmosphere. The air was filled with chemicals due to construction work and exhaust pipes from vehicles.
             Continuing on, I came upon a nearby neighborhood. Twisted frames of playground equipment settled there as if it was pilgrims in earlier settlements. Children and adults were playing and conversing. I took a deep breath and tasted the air. It's like I could taste the marshmallows and the vanilla wafer that rested in the sky. I also could smell the scents from clean laundry and fresh cut grass. All of this-- that I"d seen was a part of normal living and nature. Passing through this lively neighborhood, I came upon a road. The road wasn"t yellow but, I had a feeling that something truly and wonderful rested at the end of it. Here the scenery became sunnier and more brighter. A black car rumbled towards me and came to an abrupt stop. There was a young looking, and attractive girl present in the driver's seat. She ordered me to get in the passenger's seat and I refused. A second time she ordered, and I gave in. In my earlier years of life, I was taught not to talk to strangers but, everyone's a stranger if you don"t talk to them. That's how you meet new people and make new friends. I was alarmed and on alert. She brought me to the end of the road-- I say about four to five and a half miles.

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