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DMB-Rock And Soul

             In my lifetime there have been a few famous artists who have had an impact on my life in one way or another. Of these artists, one band stands out alone for their huge impact on my life as well as other people around me. The Dave Matthews Band, with their songs and lyrics, touched my soul and changed my perspective on how I look at life as they have hundreds across the nation. .
             There seems to be a message in all of Matthews's songs whether it is obvious or not. All of Matthews's lyrics reflect how he is feeling as opposed to the typical pop artist such as Nelly, N'sync, and Puff Daddy whose intent seems to sing only about various fads such as cell phones and fast cars. Matthews's music has a timeless feel to it, with strong emotion and moving lyrics Dave Matthews has given a new name to rock and roll. One could even be so inclined as to say Dave Matthews Band has paved the way for new artists as to come out of the woodwork with songs of emotion. In the early 90's various grunge and hard rock bands would sing about violence and hate, whereas now after DMB made it big, it seems like there are more bands like Lifehouse, The Calling, and Train bringing in a more finely tuned melody and singing about love and romance. .
             Dave Matthews's lyrics have had a huge impact on my life and my perspective on life. His moving lyrics have truly touched a part of me that nothing else has. It seems like he has a song for every emotion I feel whether it be his lyrics, melody, or both. Whether I"m feeling happy or sad, lazy or upbeat, Matthews is there for me. His songs have given me inspiration when I've had none. "Seek Up" is the inspirational song I listen to when times force me to keep moving no matter how hard it is. In "Seek Up" Matthews sings:.
             Keep alive those hungry eyes.
             Take a look at me, what you see in me .
             mirror look at me .
             face it all, face it all again (26-29).
             Matthews's lyrics incorporate a little bit of everything, from condemning war in "The Last Stop" to drug abuse "Too Much.

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