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The Soul and Immortality

            Even with today's science and progressing technology, there are many unanswered questions about our existence and hereafter. Due to human nature, we strive for an explanation of everything. We develop beliefs based on our faith or reason on "truths" that are out of our understanding. The human soul and immortality is one of the most debated philosophies among religions. While many religions believe that the soul lives on after death, many believe that death ends all. My beliefs as a Muslim shape my philosophy on the soul and immortality.
             I believe the soul to be a spirit created by God for each and every human being. Every person on this universe has a reason. We are not meaningless creatures. I believe the human race is one of Gods most beautiful creations. Our purpose in this world is to do well, and serve God. I believe this life is temporary. It is merely a test for our destination in the afterlife. In my Islamic faith we compare this life to be less then a drop of water, and the afterlife a vast ocean. I believe every action in my life is noted down, and God is always watching me. After this life, the soul will be returned to the Creator. If we control the sinful desires in this world, God will surely reward us in the afterlife. .
             I believe god to be the most just. We will be held accountable for our every action. If we keep away from sins and treat this life well God has promised to give us the best of luxuries in the paradise, such luxuries that we cannot even imagine because they are not available on this earth. On the other hand if we don't fight evil desires in this life and do not ask God sincere forgiveness for our sins, we will be punished by dwelling in the Hell fire.
             There are many things in life that cannot be seen with the naked eye but are believed with the heart. Such philosophies are usually based on religious beliefs such as my own and cannot be proven right or wrong. It is simply an explanation for a non-provable "truth" that satisfies the heart.

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