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Plato and Immortality

            "If the truth of all things always existed in the soul, then the soul is immortal."" (The Search for Knowledge 89) This quote states that since the soul has all knowledge integrated, one recollects this knowledge through situations in his/her life. With the dialogues of the Meno and Phaedo, Plato discusses the ideas of recollection and immortality of the soul in general. .
             In the dialogue of Meno, Socrates explains the idea of recollection within the question and answer period between himself and the boy. Meno asks Socrates, "What do you mean by saying that we do not learn, and that what we call learning is only a process of recollection." (The Search for Knowledge 86) He questions how one can have knowledge without learning first. Socrates then, through a series of questions and answers with the boy, helps him discover the knowledge that has been inside him all along. This is explained where Socrates states, "He did not know at first, and he does not know now, what is the side of a figure of eight feet: but then he thought that he knew, and answered confidently as if he knew, and had no difficulty; now he has a difficulty, and neither he knows nor fancies that he knows." (The Search for Knowledge 88). .
             Basically, through this event, Socrates has assisted the boy in discovering the truth through only one method of recollecting stored knowledge. Even though the boy may seem confused by the questions, it is only because he has not realized that he had this knowledge and has been obtained. .
             As well, this process of recollection can be taken one step further. Since the boy has not learned or always had this knowledge within him, then it questions the time when the knowledge was processed. Socrates ponders this thought and explains that, "His soul must have always possessed this knowledge, for he either was or was not a man " (The Search for Knowledge 89). This explains that it is an innate notion, where the soul always has the knowledge and can be obtained through remembering said knowledge.

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