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Vacation Nightmare

            I couldn't wait to take our family vacation. It was during these times that I enjoyed being a kid. I had been hoping that this vacation would be a great. After all I was going to Astroworld, which was the greatest theme park on earth. They really should have called it the scariest place on earth. Little did I know I was in for a scare of my life, which would stick with me always. The incident took place about 10 years ago, yet I can recall the day as if it were yesterday. The day was Saturday and the sun was at its peak and felt like as if it were hot enough to fry an egg in the middle of the street.
             As the large gloved size hand reached down to grab mine, I began to panic. My palms began to sweat and I could feel my heart racing wildly. This giant figure before me was huge. I had never been so terrified. The closer the hand got to mine the more intense my heartbeat. The faster my heart raced the more terrified I became. I could hear my dads voice beside me saying, "Go ahead son shake his hand." I remember looking at the hand getting closer to me. I couldn't take this anymore and immediately took off like a speeding bullet from a gun. I was running with fear to save my life. I ran through large crowds of people who were talking so loudly I couldn't hear myself think. I had no clue where I was going. The sweet smell of funnel cakes was in the air. I could feel gum underneath my shoes and I could see traces of trash on the ground. I continued to run faster and faster. As I continued to run I could hear a song repeating over and over again. The words were very agitating. "If your happy and you know it stomp your feet, if your happy and you know it stomp your feet, If your happy and you know it and your face is surely showing stomp your feet." Those words rang in my mind and I can still hear them today. .
             There were lots of other kids around that looked like they were having the time of their life.

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