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Summer vacation

             Late last summer, the Grant Martz McGovern King household decided to take a trip with their friends the Jones family and Jeff Martz" best friend named Dominic . My family the Grant Martz McGovern King household consists of six people: Craig Martz, Nancy Grant, Nicole McGovern, Samantha Martz, Julie King and Jeff Martz, and . The Jones family consisted of four people David , Patty ,Mathew and Matt's friend Carlos . Vacations destination was a 3 storie log cabin in the Lake Tahoe resort. .
             The fun started on the first day. While the families were unpacking and setting up, Dominic and Jeff decided to ditch the work and head into the woods with their paintball guns. Everyone was very unaware of where the boys might have been until a loud scream was heard coming from woods. Jeff emerged suffering from a close range paintball shot from his beloved friend Dominic. The shot was fired after a long argument in response to a disagreement of whether or not Dominic's paint was very visible . To resolve this problem Dominic put his paintball gun to Jeff's skin and fired it. The result: a baseball size bruise on Jeff's arm immediately after he was shot , with colors such as a bucket full of thrown up crayons. Needless to say, Dominic's paint could be seen very clearly.
             On the second day of vacation everyone gathered to watch nice family movie. " The Ring". had been seen by all of the kids except Nicole who is quite frankly not a scary movie person. All of the kids joined in on convincing Nicole that if she just sit and watch the movie that we would all tell her to cover her eyes when the bad part was coming up; (you know, the part where the girl is in the closet and her face is all rotted and mutated? Yeah that part). Nicole was intensely watching the screen waiting for us to tell her when the bad part was coming. All of us other kids were waiting for it as well because we wanted to see it too; it was the good part.

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