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Winter or Summer?

             The four seasons of the year are enjoyed by everyone. Among the four, summer and winter are popular. Some people prefer summer because of the many different activities available. However, some people like winter because of the snow. Personally, I think winter is better than summer because of the outdoor conditions, special occasions, and the sporting activities available to all. .
             To begin, I believe outdoor conditions are more favourable in the winter than in the summer. In the summer, people find it difficult to maintain their backyard regularly. the grass becomes long, people are forced to cut it. Gardening also becomes an issue, since many love the look of flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. During the winter however, people do not need to do any of these chores because of the snow that covers the ground. Also, in the summer, people are more prone to diseases. West-Nile Virus is a concern in the summer because there are many mosquitoes. Also people may experience heat strokes because of the high temperatures during the summer. Conversely, in the winter there are no flies or heat. This reduces the risk of health problems. Traffic also seems to be more of a problem in the summer than in winter. In summer more families are on vacation because there is no school. Large highways seem to be crowded which increases the chance of accidents occurring. Airports are also jam-packed, creating problems for travelers. During winter all the children are in school, so there are fewer families traveling, and the roads remain hassle free. .
             Likewise, winter is better than summer because of the exciting holidays that are offered. In the winter, the Christmas holiday is great for people to enjoy. It provides a break from work and school, time to spend with family and friends. Kids especially love baking with the family and the thrill of opening presents. New Year's is just around the corner from Christmas. It marks a new year for everyone and they can relax and enjoy the holiday.

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