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"Winter Dreams"

             Scott Fitzgerald's" Winter Dreams begins by introducing the main character Dexter Green. Dexter's father owned the second best grocery store in Black Bear and Dexter caddied at the Sherry Island Golf Club only for pocket money. Dexter was the best caddy at the club never losing a ball yet he still had a desire to quit stating that at fourteen, he was too old. This was actually just an excuse as he decided to quit due mostly to the actions of an eleven year old girl name Judy Jones. In a few years Dexter passed on a business course at the State university to attend an older and more prestigious university in the East, because he did not want to dream about glittering people and things, but wanted the glittering things himself. After college Dexter went to the city, where most of Black Bears wealthy patrons come from. At twenty-three years of age Dexter bought into a partnership in a laundry with borrowed money. It was a small laundry but it helped Dexter learn to wash fine linen, which helped him to build the laundry into a string of businesses. At twenty-three years old Dexter received a guest card to the Sherry Island Golf Club for a weekend of playing golf. While playing with some men he once caddied for who now bored him, he became reacquainted with Judy Jones whom he first met at age fourteen. Dexter considered Judy to be beautiful and he watched her every move closely as she played golf. He watched as "she swung her mashie impatiently and without interest, pitching the ball into a sand-pit on the other side of the green." (Fitzgerald) Later that night while watching the water in the silver moon and little wind from the golf club Veranda Dexter decided to go for a swim. While he was lying on a raft listening to the sounds of a piano Judy Jones appeared on a boat. Judy asked Dexter if he could drive the boat while she rode behind on the surfboard and Dexter agreed. While on the boat Judy introduced herself and asked Dexter if he would like to have dinner the next night to which he agreed.

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