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Winter Dreams

             "Winter Dreams" is a story that symbolizes the American dream. It centers itself around Dexter Green and Judy Jones. The elements related to symbolism are conformity and injustice. Complacency does not fit in this story, but it does fit in the American dream.
             Conformity is the prime element of the American dream. Everybody would like to be successful, rich and have a happy family. That is the image presented to everybody to be happy. Either you are like everybody else or are an outcast. This is what Dexter was trying do with Judy. He was trying to lead a successful life. After he found out that he wasn't the only man Judy was interested in he tried to forget and almost married Irene Scheerer. There is also an example early in the story when he was caddying, he made it a specialty to learn how to wash the different clothes of the golfers and soon he had a chain of laundries. This was used so he could be rich.
             There are several injustices in this story. The first example of this is when Dexter finds out he isn't the only man in Judy's life. He feels anger and betrayal. The second injustice is when Dexter refuses to marry Judy. Dexter had a commitment to Irene. The final injustice in this story is when Dexter comes back from war and discovers that Judy has practically ruined her life. Judy also wanted the American dream as much as anybody, so she married a man named Lud Simms. This way, she wouldn't be an outcast. Now Dexter was alone.
             Complacency does not fit in with "Winter Dreams", but it does fit in the American dream. The American dream suggests peace and wellness for everyone everywhere, but a person who wants the American dream will do little to ensure this for someone else. The majority of anyone who wants the American dream will only lookout for their own benefit.
             In conclusion, "Winter Dreams" does symbolize the American dream. The elements that speak about to symbolism include conformity, injustice (which shouldn't actually tie into the American dream) and complacency.

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