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Canadian Winters !

            Many people in other countries consider Canada to be a very cold place to live. Some even believe that Canadians live in igloos and experience winter weather for 9 months a year. However, it's very possible to survive a Canadian winter as long as you have the right clothing, you keep busy and you have patience to withstand the 5 months of winter. Canadian winters are indeed a struggle to all Canadians, but with a positive attitude, they can be very easily survivable.
             The first thing one should do in order to prepare for a Canadian winter is to buy the proper clothing and winter gear to keep warm. Temperatures can drop to -30 degrees and no one is immune to frostbites. Therefore, mittens, boots and a toque are essential since they protect the extremities of the body from the cold Canadian winds. Furthermore, one should have a warm winter coat, preferably with multiple layers, and a wool scarf to keep the upper body from getting cold and risk getting a sore neck. As for the lower body, snow pants are always a trusted item of clothing to keep the legs warm, but long johns can be very practical as well. With the proper clothing, any person can stand through a blistering snowstorm and not feel a thing.
             Secondly, one should make sure to keep busy during the winter, doing outdoor activities and sports, hence making it enjoyable to live through winter and not worrying if they will survive through it or not. Ice hockey is Canada's national sport, and most of the time the hockey rinks in Canadian parks are filled with people of all ages, having a good time. Furthermore, Canada has hundreds of ski resorts, where any type of skier or snowboarder is welcomed and treated nicely. One could start his/her day exploring through the woods in snowshoes, then go ice skating on the frozen lake, and finish the day by night skiing down the slopes of a bright lit up ski hill. If a person however doesn't like doing sports, then making snowmen in the park, making snow angels, or going for strolls in the park to look at the snowy trees and admire the sparkle everything can be equally enjoyable.

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