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The Many Colours of Canada

            A country of many colours, Canada explodes with vibrance like fireworks on the first of July: sparkling in red and white; glowing with orange, brown and green; surrounded by deep blue and black. Canada is a beautiful place with breathtaking scenery, mouth-watering restaurants and a colourful personality filled with charisma and radiance. As a student in this glittering country, I am proud that Canada has many colours to represent its uniqueness and to symbolize the true meaning of the word "Canadian"- trusting, independent and dynamic. .
             Canada has more colours than the rainbow, especially throughout the four seasons of fall, winter, spring and summer. The beautiful seasons perfectly represent the diversity of our welcoming country as Canada's population is incredibly diverse. The many different colours and the hundreds of miraculous shades are parallel to all of the different types of people we have residing here. As the weather grows colder, the geese, robins and various other birds and critters start to migrate south, just as many tourists flood our winter wonderland to experience exciting endeavours such as skiing, sledding and all of the sites this humble piece of land has to offer. Things may seem plain and white in our chilly winter season, but the unicoloured landscape offers gorgeous snow covered eye candy for all to absorb. Winter may also seem slow moving but once spring arrives, nothing can compare to the vibrance of our beautiful outdoors. The explosion of wildlife from our winter hibernation is unsurpassable, not to mention our wildflowers which sprinkle our land with colourful charm and breathtaking fragrances. Our seasons changing temperatures are as widespread as the colourful leaves on our grand Maple trees, and as the temperature rises summer comes with a blast of heat, sand and splashes. So hot that the greenery of this country gasps for some watershed while our lakes transform into marvelous pools of relaxation.

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