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Canadian Tourism Commision

             Adventure travel and Ecotourism in Canada is a highly profitable sector of Canada's tourism economy. It has been continually growing and has been extremely popular with tourists from around the world. People choose Canada to experience the true beauty of the land and to obtain unforgettable experiences that they can only get in this diverse nation. Such experiences include, kayaking and white water rafting down the many treacherous rivers, mountain climbing in the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachian Mountains, or just going for a leisurely walk down a section of the inspiring Bruce Trail.
             The Canadian Tourism Commission has helped promote many adventure travel and Ecotourism activities and parks throughout Canada. Close to three dozen products are distributed among the provinces and territories, some of which are unique and internationally significant. For example, tourists can view wildlife (e.g. polar bears, harp seals and whales) in widely different and sometimes remote settings or enjoy marine adventure dive. As a rule, a package combines a core 'experience' with components such as transportation, accommodation, meals and guides or interpretive staff. Canadians do a good job of packaging adventure travel and Ecotourism products. Many excellent packages are available for vacationers whether they want 'hard' or 'soft' experiences. Tourists can embark on a variety of nature observation and wildlife viewing expeditions, some of which also feature Canada's unique flora.
             To secure this sector of tourism the CTC and the Canadian Government are focusing on seven different areas for action. These include, product development, packaging, resource and sustainability, business development and management, marketing and promotion, training and human resource development, and industry organization.
             Aboriginal Tourism.
             Aboriginal Tourism is also a sector of Canadian Tourism and influences where tourist's travel to.

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