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Environmental Implications of Tourism

            In this hectic contemporary society, tourism is one of the most substantial entertainments for people all around the world. Hundreds and thousands of tourists from different countries travel every nook and cranny of the land. Therefore, there must be certain direct impacts occur from the tourism. Such direct effects can be readily found in the environment of tourism industry. Specifically, most problems can be found throughout not only the resource consumption, but also severe environmental pollution (Evans, Environmental Impact of Tourism). .
             To begin with, almost measureless of different types of resource use of tourism incur abundant adverse effects on environment. In other words, water and any kinds of energy consumption such as electricity are being the main concern of degradation of the atmosphere and sewage. To be more specific, the tourism industry indeed uses up huge amount of water, especially on holidays. According to the statistics, water usage of holidays is approximately 440 liters a day, which is a double amount then the usual. This can truly lead to not only the water shortages but also degradation of water supplies. What this great drawback indicates is that it can also generate enormous amount of waste of water (Tourism's Three Main Impact Areas). .
             Most contemporary tourism-related air contamination occurs from automobile. Almost all kinds of automobile emit carbon monoxide, unless it's an electronic vehicle. Automobile also emits by far the most carbon monoxide of all transportation modes. According to the investigation done in 1997, automobiles emitted total of 26 million short tons of carbon monoxide, whereas recreational marine vehicles only emitted 1.7 million short tons and 1 million from airplanes (Davies and Cahill, Environmental Implications of the Tourism Industry). What's significant about this is that carbon monoxide is actually dreadfully poisoned and will attack even tiny-soft tissues in the human body then damages severely.

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