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My Turning Point and Transformation

            My transformation started approximately three years ago when I turned 30. I had an epiphany about my life; I wasn't getting any younger. I always envisioned going back to college but the timing was never right and I felt trapped. I'm a combat vet and suffer from a service related disability called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My disability and lack of vision for my life rendered me impotent in making forward progress. My entire life changed when I took one terrifying step forward and enrolled in my first college class in over ten years.
             I still remember how terrified I was prior to walking into class for the first time. Since I suffer from chronic anxiety triggered by social settings, and given the fact I nearly flunked out of high school, I had many apprehensions. Would I succeed, could I succeed, what if I failed, what if I made a fool of myself? These were the plethora of thoughts racing through my mind. Accompanying the decision to go back to school was the decision I made that whether I was successful or not, I would make every effort to do my very best. Upon completion of that first class, I earned an A. Considering this was one of my first A's ever, I was elated. My second class that semester I also received an A. I began to develop the notion that I could pursue a degree despite my prior setbacks, disability and fears. .
             Another turning point and giant step forward came two years later with an unexpected promotion at work. I drove a delivery truck for the largest distributor of wine & spirits in the country. My schedule was very full. I worked full time and was a full time college student. Semester after semester I still managed to maintain a 4.0 despite the chaos that enveloped my life from an overwhelming schedule and still wrestling with my disability. .
             One day, my boss approached me and informed me that the morning distribution supervisor position was opening up. He recommended I apply for the job as he thought I would be a good addition to their management team.

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