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MacBeth: Good and Evil

             MacBeth is a famous play that was written by William Shakespeare. This essay is mainly about a character in the play called, MacBeth. It has to do with MacBeth's rough downward spiral towards evil and the hard climb back up to goodness. .
             At one time MacBeth was a good-hearted man. He was faithful to God, his family and friends, and his country. He was loved and adored by many. King Duncan commended MacBeth when he said, "O valiant cousin! Worth gentleman!" and most would agree with that comment. MacBeth would always honoured his country.
             Excellent warriorship is shown in the character of MacBeth. He is a loyal fighter, defending his country from enemies and traitors. MacBeth has been rewarded for his fighting by the king with titles of royalty and plenty of compliments. A fellow soldier once announced, "For brave MacBeth-well he deserves that name-/ Disdaining fortune, with his brandish"d steel." Though all this praise doesn"t do MacBeth any good!.
             The witches in this story are the ones who started up the evil thoughts in MacBeth's mind. They would put spells and curses on Macbeth, fill his mind with confusing statements. The witches are dark characters and it rubs off on MacBeth. His comment, "Let not light see my black and deep desires," clearly shows the direction his life is heading, even if he doesn"t know it! MacBeth's transformation into evil also seems to rub off on a few people.
             Lady MacBeth is bewildered by her husband's occurrences with the witches and is overcome with greed and malevolence. She increases in evil and influences her husband, MacBeth, into sinful acts like murder. Lady MacBeth and MacBeth are both evil but on different levels, as she is more ruthless. As Lady Macbeth asks the spirits to, "Fill [her] from the crown to the toe, top-full/ Of direst cruelty," she tells us here attitude towards the future. Lady MacBeth had many plans for what's ahead.

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