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Macbeth - Evil

             Life is consisted of constant good and evil forces; they are always present shaping the world around us, surrounding our bodies and visions. Although the forces are always present, the bad sometimes can be so dark and encompassing that it must be torn away brutally in order to uncover the good. William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" is essentially a study of the conflict between good and evil. Through many scenes, acts and character analyses the distinct division between the evil forces dominating and good forces triumphing in the end are truly present.
             The good forces do not dominate this play, although Shakespeare chose certain, specific personalities and scenes to not only keep the audience attentive and attached to characters but to show the path untaken. The good forces in this play were in a constant struggle against the evil, and repeatedly the evil would rise above. Three characters who strongly represented the good side in this play were King Duncan, Banquo and during the beginning of the play Macbeth. King Duncan was a character that captured the audiences interest and hearts immediately for he was a loving and appreciative king. His title stood upon a pedestal, while his personality and respect remained at level with the rest of his people. When arriving for a visit at Macbeth's castle, he showed his appreciation of the land when talking to Banquo, "This castle hath a pleasant seat, the air Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself Unto our gentle senses" (1.6. 1-3). Duncan was truly a kind, gentle man who helplessly had an encounter with evil, and sadly lost. The noble Banquo was another character who represented the good side in "Macbeth". He was known as a great warrior, loyal and faithful to the King of Scotland as well as being Macbeth's best friend and companion. Throughout this play, Banquo posed as the path untaken when compared to Macbeth. Both Macbeth and Banquo heard the witch's prophecies, yet only Macbeth chose to mix his ambition with actions.

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