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Technology in the Life of a Teenager

             The snake like strings coming out of their ears, or the clattering of fingers typing on a keyboard, they all tell us that technology is in use. Modern day technology is seen throughout every teen's aspect of life, but using it in a positive or negative way is up to the teen. Technology is growing rapidly and is changing the lives of many teenagers through socializing, entertainment and learning.
             Technology may prevent sociability in teens, but in some cases it may be the cause of increased social activity. According to UCLA psychology study on cyber bullying, 20 percent of U.S. students in grades 9-12 have experienced cyber bullying. There will always be drama with teenagers within their social networking. With their smartphones and internet access it has brought cyber bullying to its forefront. The Postal Service says the decline in letter-writing is "primarily driven by the adoption of the Internet as a preferred method of communication." It is nice to be able to talk to family and friends through social media who live far away. Spending money on a stamp and having to wait for up to a week is more difficult than only waiting a few seconds to minutes for a response. According to Pittsburg research sources, internet users spend 244.8 minutes a day with friends and family. Non-internet users spend 381.6 minutes per day with friends and family. Interaction with the internet is decreasing quality time that could be spent with friends and family. Relying in only communication through technology may result in loneliness or a "quite " society due to lack of physical conversation. This shows how teens may use technology in their social life.
             The entertainment industry is constantly getting teens addicted to the media in which they are providing. According to the Academy of Pediatrics, teens are exposed to entertainment media for an average of seven hours per day. If it's Netflix, listening to music or playing a game, teens won't say that they are bored.

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