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English and the Advance of Technology

            Nowadays, we are constantly connected with our iPhones, laptops, Facebook and Twitter. It all could not imagine without our cell phones and social media. Whether we like it or not, modern technology has been integrated into just about every nook and cranny of the economy, society and our personal lives. We are surrounded by smart machines and tools cars, televisions, Smartphone's, the Internet, e-commerce sites and so on. Could you imagine a day without technology in your life? What happens when you want to make a call to someone at work? We are reaping the benefits of technology in almost everything we do, and so it is impractical and almost ridiculous to say that technology has not improved our lives. The advancement in technology affects everything in our lives whether for information, communication, and development.
             In other words, technology has become a necessity intake that supports human life with the arrival of globalization. So we cannot run away from technological development of this world at any time. Technology invented to make every human activity easy. Technology has a a variety of numerous types. One example of the most popular technologies in this era of globalization is the gadget. Several years ago, gadget owned by the business community for a smooth job. However, now the gadgets have been owned by every people, especially teenagers.
             Gadget as Information and Communication technology that are used to gather information and communicate it to others. This is tending related to the use of language in technology. In operating the technology there are several applications that can be used preferred language. However, the English language became the language of choice in the use of the gadget. Almost all gadget users prefer to choose the English language than Indonesian in operating gadget. The Influence of modernization and globalization is so powerful the influence cultural life of our nation.

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