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Speech Recognition Technology--Strategic Analysis Report

             Speech recognition technology is the ability of a computer to recognize freely spoken words. The software enabling and action to occur analyzes these words. Speech recognition applications are used widely in a variety of forms including dictation devices, mobile applications, speech-based logistics, and telephone customer service systems. Speech recognitions technology incorporates other speech technologies to provide an effective speech recognition application. .
             Dictation programs such as IBM's Via Voice uses speech recognition technology to converts speech into text format. Uses can freely speak into a microphone attached to their computer and speck their documents instead of typing on a regular keyboard. Those looking for an easier solution to documenting their reports often use dictation programs. Other important uses for this technology include data entry for the blind.
             Speech recognition applications in mobile devices are still rapidly developing. Manufacturers of mobile telephones such as Nokia, incorporate speech recognition into their cellular phones to enable voice-activated dialing. Other mobile applications for speech recognition include its use in automobiles. More and more automobile manufacturers like BMW and Lincoln have developed voice-activated control settings. Drivers can control the temperature of the air conditioner by simply speaking into the system. Speech technology experts believe the technology will be increasingly used in mobile applications (Machilis, 34).
             The focus of this report highlights one of the most common uses for speech recognition technology in the corporate world. It's most popular use is for customer service systems. Organizations use speech-driven customer call centers to answer, and serve the tremendous amount of customer calls received daily. Speech recognition software enables a customer to call the company's call center, and receive automated service in seconds, eliminating the ten-minute wait to speak to a live operator.

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