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Behavioral Biometrics

             Typing biometrics is more commonly referred to as keystroke dynamics or typing rhythms. Keystroke dynamics examines the way in which a person types or pushes keys on a keyboard. It analyzes the way a user types at a terminal by monitoring keyboard input 1,000 times a second. This method is based on the typing characteristics of the individuals such as durations of keystrokes, and latencies between keystrokes, inter-keystroke times, typing error frequency, and force keystrokes.
             Voice .
             In the area of behavioral biometrics are voice recognition technologies that provide telephone authentication. One system uses extraction and pattern-matching algorithms embedded on computer chips to analyze voices. The system needs a scanner and a smart "voice card," but producers are looking ahead to wiring its system into the Internet, where it can be configured as a verification server. Users favor voice verification. Several large corporations employ voice verification to protect computer, office, lab, and vault access. In addition, several states use voice recognition for parolees on home detention. Units are available for around $1,000 per access point. .
             The appeal of voice verification is its acceptability to users. A common concern about this biometric approach is impersonations. However, this is not a serious problem, since the devices focus on different characteristics of speech than people do. Speech patterns are formed by a combination of physiological and behavioral factors. Currently, voice verification is being used to control access to medium-security offices, labs, and computer facilities. Several providers of home confinement systems use voice verification to confirm that early parolees are at home. While voice recognition is convenient, it is not as reliable as other biometric techniques. A person with a cold or laryngitis, for example, may have problems using a voice recognition system.

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