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Hong Kong's Mass communication

            Hong Kong's MTV & Mass Communications Network.
             Hong Kong is known as the leading international center in Asia for its communications and information technology. Its rapid development of new innovations and technology has kept Hong Kong's communication market very competitive. For example, in telecommunications alone, "the licensing of new services using advanced and innovative technology are expected to lead to further substantial investments, worth more than $20 billion, in the next five years." ( ) Similiarly, the broadcasting market is also expected to bring in new investments estimating to be around $10 billion. The availability of the latest in telecommunications technology and its global appeal have attracted many international news agencies, newspapers and overseas broadcasting corporations, such as MTV, to establish regional headquarters or representative offices in Hong Kong. The successful publications and media broadcasting produced in Hong Kong shown its strong position as a financial, industrial, and communications center.
             Hong Kong's television viewers have access to 39 domestic and regional television channels in various languages. ( )These include "four free-to-air commercial channels, over 30 pay cable channels and a variety of free-to-air satellite channels". The two commercial stations, Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) and Asia Television Limited (ATV), are each licensed to broadcast one Cantonese and one English-language channel. In the year of 2000, the two stations broadcast about 600 hours of programmes each week. ( ) These channels covered everything from heart-punding drama to entertainment magazines to game contests. Both stations are required by law to broadcast programmes as the Broadcasting Authority may specify. MTV not only broadcasts though the televsion, but sometimes rely on the factor of radio communication. Hong Kong contains 13 radio channels, seven operated by RTHK, three by Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited and three by Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited.

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